Intelligent decision support platforms for diagnosis, monitoring and management of chronic disease.

We develop intelligent solutions empowering health professionals for early detection of chronic diseases and smart and timely management of symptoms and signs via appropriate treatment plans developed in line with the recommendations of evidence-based medical guidelines.

Screening and Risk Assessment

  • Intelligent decision support services for patient-specific risk classification
  • Decision support services enabling the identification of individual preventive actions
  • Ensuring early diagnosis of diseases

Regular Monitoring of Chronic Disease Patients

  • Automation of evidence-based medical guidelines
  • Following the diagnosis, the clinical decision support wizard ensures that periodic follow-up is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the evidence-based medical guidelines
  • Clinical decision support services offering patient-specific treatment plan recommendations
    • Personalized clinical goals
    • Personalized examination requests, additional diagnostic recommendations
    • Personalized drug treatment recommendations
    • Customized contro0l visits, referral recommendations
    • Lifestyle suggestions
  • Co-ordination and collaboration between multi-disciplinary treatment teams

Self-Management Support for the Patient

  • Access to individual treatment plans (medication, lifestyle recommendations, activity and measurement follow-up)
  • Reminders of compliance with the treatment plan
  • Providing educational materials to support the easy implementation of the treatment plan

Population Tracking and Monitoring of Clinical Quality Metrics

  • Dashboards for monitoring of the latest status of disease-based clinical indicators (eg proportion of patients achieving the Blood Sugar target)
  • Patient population follow-up (Upcoming / delayed monitoring, actual monitoring and screening numbers)

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Chronic diseases are the most common cause of death and disability in most of the countries including Turkey. These diseases consume a significant portion of our country's health resources. With the increasing rate of elderly population, chronic diseases and mortality and disability / incapacity rates related to these diseases are also increasing. Negative effects on the health system are constantly increasing and threatening socio-economic development. The Disease Management Platform, developed in partnership with Türksat, INNOVA and SRDC, aims to ensure that primary health care services play a more active role in the early diagnosis, treatment and process management of chronic diseases. With the platform provided, it is aimed to ensure that the screening and treatment process is carried out in accordance with the evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and to control the symptoms and signs of the diseases through periodic follow-up, and to prevent the loss of function and become disabled of individuals by monitoring the complications.

The project, started on 13.12.2018, has completed the analysis, design, development and testing phases, and as of 01.01.2021, the Disease Management Platform has been made available for the use of family medicine physicians in Turkey to enable screening and monitoring of diabetes, hypertension cardiovascular risk, obesity, coronary artery disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease, and elderly assessment. In the upcoming phases of the project, automation of screening and monitoring processes for new diseases to be determined by the Ministry of Health will be achieved as well.

News articles about the Disease Management Platform:


Within the scope of H2020 C3-Cloud Project, SRDC has developed the Coordinated Care & Cure Delivery Platform (C3DP). C3DP equips the multi-disciplinary care team members with a tool to create personalised care plans for patients suffering from multiple chronic diseases. The main features can be summarized as follows:

  • Reviewing patient medical summary via integration with local care sites
  • Care Plan creation, and editing with user friendly graphical interfaces
  • Supporting HL7 Care Plan Domain Analysis Model
  • Fully compliant with HL7 FHIR resources and API
  • Integration with several clinical decision support services for risk prediction and stratification, recommendation reconciliation, poly-pharmacy management and personalised goal and activity suggestions
  • Tracking patient activities and measurements via integration with Patient Empowerment Platform
  • Collecting feedback and questionnaires from patients via integration with Patient Empowerment Platform
  • Calendar for plan activities
  • Messaging among multi-disciplinary care team
  • Notifications between care team members about care plan activities
  • Messaging among care professionals and patients via integration with Patient Empowerment Platform

C3DP has been piloted in 3 European regions in the UK, Spain and Sweden.

More Information about Coordinated Care & Cure Delivery Platform can be found in:

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