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Mobile Health Applications

Do you need mobile health applications to facilitate close co-operation with your patients as a hospital? Or as a patient do you want to keep track of your own health status, view your lab results, past illnesses, or monitor your body weight and activities? We can provide you mobile health applications that can collect vital signs from wireless medical sensors, enable the management of personal health records through mobile interfaces, and enable co-management of chronic diseases by the patients and caregivers through a mobile platform.

Chronic Disease Management and Remote Health Monitoring

Do you need decision support systems and patient empowerment frameworks for the management of chronic patients? As SRDC we can build chronic disease management solutions based on semi-automatic execution of clinical practice guidelines collecting patient status from Electronic Health Record systems and wireless medical sensor devices, and provide decision support to health care professionals, as well as to the patients to manage their chronic conditions. Patients, caregivers, and health care professionals can be alerted about critical situations about patient’s current status.

Interoperability between Health IT Systems

Do you need support for integrating disparate, heterogeneous health IT solutions? We can support you for implementing interoperability solutions based on international eHealth standards, and IHE integration profiles. Are you a clinical research institute that aims to access Electronic Health Records for clinical research purposes? SRDC can support you to address semantic interoperability hurdles to access and meaningfully analyze electronic health records through a semantic metadata registry and a terminology mapping server.

Consultancy on eHealth Standards

We have vast experience in international eHealth standards and terminology systems including:

  • HL7 Messaging Architecture
  • HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)
  • Integrating Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) interoperability profiles
  • ISO/IEC 11073 – Health informatics - Medical / health device communication standards
  • Continua Health Alliance Specifications
  • CDISC Standards
  • eHealth Terminology systems including SNOMED CT, LOINC, ICD9, ICD10, RxNorm, ATC, MedDRA

Do you need training, consultancy and interoperability testing services related with these standards? SRDC can be your business partner.

We build standard-based and practical eHealth applications.


eSağlıkKaydım is basically a personal health record system (PHR) that is integrated with other clinical information systems like Turkish National Health Information System (SağlıkNet). It is a cloud service that enables patients to access and manage their personal health history.

It is a standard based personal health system so that it can easily be integrated with any other clinical information system. By using eSağlıkKaydım, you can provide access to your patients for their health data.

eSağlıkKaydım currently provides chronic disease management and monitoring services for diabetes, hypertension and migraine as well as lifestyle management services for dietary and pregnancy. New modules for other chronic diseases can quickly be implemented in eSağlıkKaydım.

These modules enable your patients to involve in their treatment process and helps them to perform the required periodic activities (e.g. measurements, lab tests, examinations, medication plans, exercise plan, dietary plans, etc) based on the care pathways. In the mean time, the modules enable your physicians to remotely monitor the progress of the patient and evaluate his/her health situation.


SALUS has explored new ways of accessing and analyzing valuable data found in Electronic Health Records to provide an infrastructure that enables the execution of post-market safety studies for mining and analyzing real-time patient data. Apart from coordination, we implemented the core semantic interoperability platform integrating health care and clinical research domains, and on top of it enabled several high potential safety studies such as temporal pattern discovery and case series characterization.


epSOS is a milestone for achieving pan-European cross-border interoperability of electronic patient summary and prescription documents. Although we became part of epSOS in its second phase, we have achieved great success with the first and only open source implementation of the epSOS technical specifications; implementation of the Turkish pilot on top of the national health information system; and leadership of the validation activities at the project level.


iCARDEA developed an intelligent platform that enables semi-automatic remote follow-up of patients with Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices (CIEDs) to optimize patient safety and care, alleviate the burden of caregivers, and lower health care costs through ICT support. In addition to coordinating the project, we implemented the iCARDEA adaptive care planner based on context-aware, computer interpretable clinical guideline models integrated with CIED, EHR and PHR data.

Take a look at what we have achived in eHealth so far:

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