European Commission FP6 funded ARTEMIS Project aims to achieve interoperability in eHealth through Web Services. To the best of our knowledge ARTEMIS is the first project that proposes Web Services in eHealth and achieved deployment in real-life.

Our Role

In the ARTEMIS Project we enabled the Web Services semantically meaningful. An AMEF (Artemis Message Exchange Framework) is developed to provide the exchange of meaningful clinical information among healthcare institutes through semantic mediation. The framework involves first providing the mapping of source ontology into target message ontology with the help of a mapping tool which produces a mapping definition. This mapping definition is then used to automatically transform the source ontology message instances into target message instances. Through a prototype implementation, we demonstrate how to mediate between HL7 Version 2 and HL7 Version 3 messages. However, the framework proposed is generic enough to mediate between any incompatible healthcare standards that are currently in use.

1. METU Software Research and Development Center Turkey
2. OFFIS e.V. Germany
3. SEBT United Kingdom
4. ALTEC Greece
5. Tepe Teknoloji Turkey
6. IT Innovation Center United Kingdom