empower your patients with a personal health system

for private and public hospitals, and clinics

eSağlıkKaydım is basically a personal health record system (PHR) that is integrated with other clinical information systems like Turkish National Health Information System (SağlıkNet). It is a cloud service that enables patients to access and manage their personal health history.

Take a look at what eSağlıkKaydım provides:

Enables patients to access medical records (e.g. lab results, diagnosis, prescriptions, etc) securely over the web interface.

Prevents data loss by enabling patients to save their lifestyle diaries (exercises, dietary info) measured in home, medical diaries (medications used, symptoms, etc) and physiological measurements (e.g. blood pressure, blood sugar, etc).

Provides integrations with wireless medical sensors to retrieve the physiological measurements automatically.

Enables patients to take his medication or measure his measurement in time by adding reminders.

Enables patients to involve his/her treatment process actively.

Provides several chronic disease management modules that allow patients and physicians to manage the chronic diseases remotely by providing necessary guidance services.

Enables both patients and doctors to save their times by making data access easier and presenting the patient summary with graphical analysis, calendar view etc.

Enables doctors to establish more accurate diagnose and treatment method by providing the patient's summary easily.