The purpose of ABILITIES project is to develop a platform which will make UBL suitable for Enlarged Europe industrial SMEs and will change, extend, and adapt UBL where necessary for this purpose. ABILITIES project will provide the messaging platform for information exchange between SME’s to support a typical order-to-invoice procurement cycle. One of the goal of the project is to provide messaging standart for the SME’s in the Agro-food industry in Turkey and integrated platform of the order-to-invoice procurement cycle between SME’s.

Our Role

In the ABILITIES Project, we developed the Semantic Interoperability Layer, where the different customization of UBL 1.0 document can be exchanged. This layer is based on a harmonized OWL ontology to which all of the country specific customizations/extensions are mapped.

1. METU Software Research and Development Center Turkey
2. TXT e-solutions Italy
3. Kaunas Regional Association of Small and Medium Enterprise Lithuania
4. Goethe University Frankfurt am Main Germany
5. MTA SZTAKI Hungary
6. iNNOVA Turkey
7. SC Filbac SA Romania
8. Technical University of Košice Slovakia
9. Hungarian Association of Content Industry Hungary
10. Cassovia BIC Slovakia
11. Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA Germany