The BII initiative aims to address interoperability issues in European public procurement, by developing technical specifications to implement e-Procurement processes in a compatible manner across the EU.

The mission of the CEN BII Workshop is to spread and facilitate the use of e-Procurement standards for buyers and suppliers, and especially public administrations, by:

  • identifying requirements (including legal requirements) regarding e-procurement standards;
    providing a general framework for the organisational and semantic levels of the electronic procurement documents;
  • supporting the implementation of commonly applied international e-procurement standards;
    providing organisational support to ensure the governance and maintenance for those requirements during the lifetime of the workshop.

This will be achieved by focusing on business requirements expressed in the European market and provide guidance to implementation projects on how relevant international standards may be applied in order to meet those requirements.

The Workshop activities support the actions of the Digital Agenda for Europe (Pillar II: Interoperability and Standards) by ensuring that e-Procurement solutions and services based on BII specifications can interact seamlessly anywhere.

Our Role

In this workshop, Yildiray Kabak has been selected a Post-award syntax editor and he will develop syntax implementation guidelines for post-award domain documents for UBL 2.1 and UN/CEFACT XML.