The vision of ADLIFE is to improve the quality of life of senior people with Advanced Chronic Diseases by providing innovative integrated intelligent personalized care. ADLIFE will deploy a large-scale implementation of digitally enabled holistic and integrated supportive care. The ADLIFE ICT Toolbox solutions will use and extend in real life settings already existing, validated and trusted personalised digital solutions, most of them developed in previous FPVII and Horizon 2020 project from the consortium partners. They will adopt international standards such as HL7 FHIR and PCHA device standards.

The ambition of ADLIFE is to:

  • Demonstrate that ICT supported ADLIFE intelligent and outcome-based personalized care model of integrated care is flexible and can be deployed and replicated at large scale in different environments and be trusted in regard to data access, protection and sharing.
  • Achieve quantified gains in patient health status, preventing unnecessary suffering, slowing down clinical and functional deterioration and improving Patient reported Outcomes (PROMs).
  • Obtain improvements in efficiency by making a better use of resources, increasing the coordination among all the key stakeholders of care and improving working conditions of professionals.
  • Protect functionality and enhance autonomy, empowering patients to participate in decisions making on their own health and adapting to their changing conditions and context.
Our Role

SRDC Team is the main R&D partner of the project. Our role can be summarized as follows:

  • SRDC is the leader of WP4 Patient Empowerment Platform and Personalized Self-Management Support Mechanisms. SDRC will lead to the development of Patient Empowerment Platform to establish continuous communication with the patient to guide them about the care plan activities, for outcome and risk monitoring through PROMS, and finally for facilitating delivery of just-in-time personalized, adaptive interventions to reinforce adherence to personalized care plans.
  • In WP3, SRDC will lead Task 3.2 for adapting its Personalised Care Plan Management Platform (PCPMP) according to the needs of the ADLIFE project.
  • SRDC will lead Task 3.4 for building the security and privacy mechanisms for ADLIFE Project.
  • SRDC will be involved in Task 3.3 (which is led by University of Warwick) for achieving interoperability between PCPMP and the patient data sources at the pilot sites, such as the EHR systems.
  • SRDC will also be actively involved in Task 5.3 for development of CDS services for implementing guideline-based goal and activity suggestions.
1. Kronikgune Spain
2. University of Strathclyde United Kingdom
3. University of Warwick United Kingdom
4. Odense University Hospital Denmark
5. Falkiewicz Specialist Hospital Poland
6. OptiMedis AG Germany
7. Region Jämtland Härjedalen Sweden
8. Assuta Ashdod Hospital Israel
9. SRDC Turkey
10. EVERIS Spain
11. I~HD Belgium