The aim of the BlogForever project is to develop robust digital preservation, management and dissemination facilities for weblogs. These facilities are able to capture the dynamic and continuously evolving nature of weblogs, their network and social structure, and the exchange of concepts and ideas that they foster; pieces of information omitted by current Web Archiving methods and solutions. The following scientific and technological objectives have been identified:

  • Study weblog structure and semantics
  • Define a robust digital preservation policy for weblogs
  • Implement a weblog digital repository
  • Implement specific case studies

Weblogs constitute a young and dynamic media type which has become firmly established as a web based communications tool. Despite the fast growth of the weblog community, also known as “Blogosphere”, there is no effective solution for ubiquitous semantic weblog archiving, digital preservation and dissemination. Current weblog archiving tools and methods are ineffective and inconsistent, disregarding volatility and content correlation issues, while preservation methods for weblog data have not yet been duly considered. To address these issues, BlogForever project proposes to develop a weblog-oriented archiving tool that identifies their structural elements as well as aggregate, preserve, manage and disseminate all those weblog characteristics in a way that will facilitate their essential analysis in a variety of contexts.

Our Role

SRDC has mainly been involved in the requirement analysis, design and implementation of weblog digital repository which is the core and the most important part of the BlogForever project. In addition to this, SRDC has participated in testing activities of the same component.

1. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece
2. CERN Switzerland
3. University of Glasgow United Kingdom
4. The University of Warwick United Kingdom
5. University of London United Kingdom
6. Technische Universitat Berlin Germany
7. Cyberwatcher Norway
8. SRDC Turkey
9. Tero Greece
10. Mokono GMBH Germany
11. Phaistos Greece
12. Altec Greece