Funded by European Commission in FP7 Programme, EMPOWER aims to support the self-management of diabetes patients through a standards-based Patient Empowerment Framework. It helps sufferers of diabetes with observing daily patterns of living and with managing personalized action plans. EMPOWER focuses the efforts on a patient-centric perspective that also involves healthcare professionals. EMPOWER provides Self-Management Pathways for diabetes patients and this includes:

  • Services for the specification and execution of actions to change behavior according to diabetes-specific health care needs and
  • Services for monitoring of vital, physical, mental parameters as well as physical and lifestyle activities based on health standards.

EMPOWER addresses long-term goals and short-term activities in order to facilitate the self-management of patients with diabetes and thus the treatment of chronic diseases. The pilot applications in Germany and Turkey demonstrate that patient-centric approach of EMPOWER can improve disease management by personalized self-management services helping diabetes patients to cope better with their condition.

Our Role

In the EMPOWER Project, SRDC implemented the consent management mechanism for patients and recommender engine which will execute machine processable diabetes guidelines and helps the doctors in their treatment processes. Furthermore, SRDC lead the pilot application in Turkey.

1. Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH Austria
2. Intracom Telecom Greece
3. Università della Svizzera italiana Switzerland
4. Helmholtz Zentrum München Germany
5. Ministry of Health Turkey
6. SRDC Turkey
7. GO IN Integrationsmanagement- und Beteiligungs-GmbH Germany

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