The goal of the Medolution project is to establish an open, widely accessible system of systems in order to collect, align and analyse heterogeneous health data so that medical professionals can make more relevant decisions in real-time. The aim is to provide relevant information to support patients and healthcare professionals in their decision making on diagnosis, treatment and further monitoring; from reactive to preventive actions.

Medolution’s objectives can be listed as in the following:

  • To provide data transfer from various types of sources from medical sensor devices to hospital information systems. To integrate these sources at a “Big Dependable System” which will be stabile, continously accessible and will provide real-time service.
  • To develop a medical decision support system for healthcare professionals and patients, using real-time data analytics. To process enormous amount of data collected from varied sources using Big Data techniques and to serve healthcare professionals and patients with the purpose of assisting medical care.
  • To make use of cloud based systems. To design and develop different components of the project in a cloud compatible way, thus administration and integration of the components will be more managable and scalable.

An increasing portion of the population suffers from chronical diseases; people are getting older, need more medical care and consequently the healthcare costs are increasing rapidly. People wish to stay autonomous and mobile. Therefore, our society has to deal with societal and economic challenges in the medical care sector, especially in European countries.

New developments like wearables, novel appliances and social networks, let the citizens generate a large amount of data. However, these data are currently not fully exploited and transformed into useful information for professional care givers and patients. This has several causes, such as security and trust issues, with the large data sizes of certain data such as medical images, but also the lack of support in selecting the most relevant information out of the large amount of data that is available, in the workflow at the right moment.

Medolution’s vision is that the cost of healthcare can be reduced while improving the quality of life of patients. The project aims to create smart environments that integrate professional and user created data. This leads to relevant information to support patients and healthcare professionals in their decision making on diagnosis, treatment and further monitoring; from reactive to preventive. Medolution builds upon the results of Medusa that provides collaborative cloud access to medical information relevant in critical situations. Medolution, adds long-term monitoring and decision support.

Our Role

SRDC has two main roles in the Medolution project:

  • SRDC will lead Requirement Analysis work package, and will be in close cooperation with the end user sites to document AS-IS landscape descriptions, TO-BE scenarios and elicitation of the formal requirements. SRDC will provide templates and guide the end user sites to gather the functional and non-functional pilot requirements.
  • SRDC will develop an Health Data Ingestion stack that will enable feeding data extracted from sensor data streams, real-time activity tracking devices, medical events from Healthcare Information Systems and historical medical summaries in to the Big Data Platform to be served by Medolution Core.
1. Bull France
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6. Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH Germany
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11. TU Dortmund Germany
12. Philips Healthcare Netherlands
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