OSAMI-Commons is an ITEA2 project which targets open-source common foundations for a dynamic service-oriented platform which is able to personalize itself in large diversity of co-operating software-intensive systems (SISs). Internet has resulted in a disruptive transition for software-intensive systems. OSAMI Commons has developed a universal platform enabling reuse of software components across vertical application domains. The project has been trialled and exploited for applications in energy-sustainable homes, telematics-based city services, smart homes, ambient-assisted living, software development tools, and edutainment.

Our Role

SRDC has taken role in the Turkish Pilot of the project for eHealth vertical domain. We have exploited the OSAMI-Commons tools and the platform to develop a personal health record system, namely eSağlıkKaydım, and demonstrate the reusability of software components in healthcare.

1. Telvent Spain
2. AICIA Spain
3. Bull France
4. Capricode Finland
5. Cenatic Spain
6. Corscience Germany
7. Electricite De France France
8. Eteration Bilişim Çözümleri Turkey
9. Espotel Finland
10. Fidetia Spain
11. Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation Spain
12. Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble France
13. Materna GmbH Germany
14. OFFIS Germany
15. Prodevelop Spain
16. Prosyst Germany
17. SRDC Turkey
18. Sampaş Turkey
19. Schüchtermann-Schiller'sche Kliniken Germany
20. Siemens Germany
21. Technical University of Madrid Spain
22. Telefonica Spain
23. Telvent Energia S.A. Spain
24. Thales France
25. Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Spain
26. University Joseph Fourier France
27. University Madrid Carlos III Spain
28. University of Malaga Spain
29. University of Paderborn Germany
30. University of Rostock Germany
31. University of Seville Spain
32. University of Vigo Spain
33. Universitat Dortmund Germany
34. VIT Finland
35. Vodafone Spain
36. mFabrik Research Oy Finland