The RECONSURVE project aims to control the rapidly increasing number and complexity of maritime surveillance issues such as illegal immigration especially using small vessels, interoperability between heterogeneous systems, automated cost-effective and efficient decision support. Although there are some maritime surveillance systems available, they lack the technical and architectural maturity to tackle all these requirements as a whole. Some companies have some of the RECONSURVE subsystems as individual, disparate systems; some have “unified” systems that display several data feeds all at once without the critical automated decision making and support component and yet some have an integrated system with only very limited algorithmic capabilities. A maritime surveillance system with a diverse set of smart sensors installed on various platforms forming a coherent network via interoperability interfaces would address maritime border security needs properly. The RECONSURVE project proposed as such goes beyond the typical maritime surveillance system with the integration of the following components:

  • UAV capabilities
  • Interoperability
  • Automatic detection and classification
  • Multi-Sensor Data Analysis
Our Role

In this project, SRDC developed the interoperability interfaces among the Command and Control Systems based on a Situational Awareness Ontology (also developed by SRDC). Furthermore, SRDC developed a extensible situational awareness system which collects data from heterogeneous sources about identified ships and decides whether it is suspicious. If so, the system send alerts to responsible systems.

1. Aselsan Turkey
2. Cassidian France
3. Ecole Navale France
4. Evitech France
5. GMT Korea
6. GREYC France
7. Institut Mines-Télécom France
8. SRDC Turkey
9. Thales France