Smart HT is a solution that SmartHT Consortium is developing as one of the contractors of HSMonitor pre-commercial procurement (PCP) project supported by European Project. HSMonitor is investing in Research and Development (R&D) services towards innovative ICT-enabled monitoring solutions to improve health status and optimise hypertension care. Smart HT Consortium has successfully completed Phase 1, and has been selected as one of the three contractors for Phase 2 of HSMonitor Tender.

SmartHT Project provides an end-to-end smart hypertension management solution to improve:

  • Primary prevention by enabling effective screening of population for identification of risky population and prehypertension patients and empowering them with necessary personalized guidance and training
  • Timely diagnosis by effective integration of screening features with primary care services;
  • Effective management of hypertension through:
    • an integrated care portal that enables shared care planning and supports clinicians with intelligent personalized clinical decision support (CDS) services automating evidence based clinical guidelines and efficient information exchange mechanisms via interoperability services
    • patient empowerment platform enabling self-blood pressure monitoring, provides personalized coaching, individualized behavior change interventions for diet, lifestyle changes and reinforcing treatment adherence, delivers individualized training, support usage of serious games to encourage patients to engage with the application via feedback, rewards, progression and social features and provide a community platform that allows patients and and professionals to interact and share data
  • Monitoring clinical outcome measures and quality indicators paving the way towards value-based care by keeping track of outcome indicators assessing the quality of complex care delivered to hypertension patients via SmartHT solution.

SmartHT solution as an effective integrated care platform for hypertension management will provide interoperability and integration with underlying data sources (EHRs, PHRs, medical devices) for enabling:

  • Seamless integration of patient’s clinical data from EHRs
  • Seamless, automatic integration with wireless medical sensor devices and fitness tracking devices
  • Collection of patient generated health data such as symptoms and patient reported outcome measures
  • Execution of CDS services by processing the most recent clinical context of the patient to enable personalized suggestions for care plan
Our Role

SRDC will deliver the Integrated Care Portal  and Clinical Decision Support Services to be used by healthcare professionals for coordinating the screening of healthy populations and monitoring of hypertension patients in line with ESC/ESH Hypertension guidelines.

1. INNOVA Turkey
2. SRDC Turkey
3. LifeCharger Italy
4. MCS Grupa Croatia
5. Baskent University Faculty of Medicine Turkey
6. XYN Group Sweden