We bring eCommerce and B2B together.

Our NIMBLE platform provides an ecosystem for supply chain actors to increase their visibility in the market and improve business processes among trading partners by increasing the automation level of B2B communication.

A Sectorial Ecosystem

NIMBLE can be positioned as a sectorial ecosystem in which all the relevant sector actors (manufacturers, suppliers, or service providers) can discover each other and do business. In this sense, NIMBLE provides sectorial associations with the opportunity to instantiate a NIMBLE instance as a value-added service to their members. NIMBLE increases the networking effect among the association members and business volume.

Asset Catalogues

As an eCommerce platform, NIMBLE provides manufacturers and service providers with capabilities to annotate their assets (i.e. products and services) with meaningful metadata and define alternative pricing options and trading terms. Sector-specific taxonomies can be integrated into NIMBLE for enriching assets even more with metadata related to the relevant sector. Assets then become searchable with useful search filters related to assets or companies providing them such as asset characteristics, sustainability, company ratings or trust.

Frictionless B2B for Seamless Supply Chains

NIMBLE goes beyond the traditional eCommerce approach with well-defined B2B procedures providing not only asset discovery and ordering but also information inquiry, negotiation, fulfilment and transportation planning. Targeting SMEs, NIMBLE eases management of interactions among trading partners via sales and purchases dashboards showing traces of communication.

Advanced Negotiation

It is hard to establish trust among trading partners that often requires company representatives to do on-site visits to be sure about the facilities and/or products of the company of interest. Once the trust is established, the process until the deal is closed also requires effort to be able to agree on price, terms, and planning. For the former issue, i.e., trust establishment, NIMBLE's information inquiry processes allow getting detailed information about the asset itself or production processes. For the latter, users have the ability to negotiate on terms including delivery terms, price or any other trading terms like warranty, insurance and so on. Furthermore, once companies agree on some trading terms, they can reuse those for prolonged periods.

Multi-level Configuration

NIMBLE's power comes also from its multi-level configuration abilities that allow companies to customize the platform based on their way of doing business. NIMBLE offers the following configuration options:

  • Companies can configure the B2B procedures they support on the platform considering the way they do business.
  • Companies can set default trading terms that will be applicable for the negotiation procedure.
  • Companies can set company or product specific certificates.
  • Companies can set default trading terms that will be applicable for a catalogue of assets or individual assets.


NIMBLE is an EU-funded, H2020 project that leads to the NIMBLE platform described above. Considering that the NIMBLE platform is composed of many modular technical components for B2B procedures, catalogue management, search and so on, SRDC is the developer of most of the components. The NIMBLE platform provides relatively more experimental features also including track and trace of production processes as well as sharing of production data and product life-cycle management. Furthermore, NIMBLE is a federated platform such that multiple NIMBLE instances, maintaining their own user, company and product spaces, can interact with each other as if they are no separate instances.


EFPF is a unified platform that incorporates a number of B2B platform specialized in supply chain automation, matchmaking and distribute production planning, production information management and shop-floor connectivity. The EFPF platform provides a unified API on top the underlying features. SRDC is responsible from integration of the NIMBLE platform into the EFPF platform. SRDC works also on an accounting service that tracks user actions on the platform and visualizes them with graphical dashboards. Furthermore, SRDC works on integration of a payment gateway to the EFPF platform so that companies can realize payments of orders via the platform.

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