PALLIAKID is a new Horizon Europe health project (Grant N. 101137169) , with its main objective being the investigation of novel interventions to improve the well-being and quality of life for children and young people with palliative and end-of-life care needs. The focus is on engaging with patients and family caregivers. The initiative, funded by the EU with a nearly 7 million euros budget, was launched in December 2023 and will last 4.5 years.

The consortium comprises 17 partners in 12 European countries, including five clinical sites in Spain, Italy, Denmark, Finland and Latvia. Innovate UK is funding the project in the United Kingdom.

PALLIAKID focuses on three main areas of work

Firstly, the project aims to improve the early identification of patients with complex palliative care needs through the creation of predictive models. These models will differentiate patients based on their level of complexity, thereby enabling prompt, comprehensive, and planned assistance.

The second focus is to involve patients and their families to develop instruments for a more precise assessment of requirements and expectations, facilitating interaction and involvement with the entire health care team.

Finally, the project will focus on advance care planning, encouraging interaction between children, families, and healthcare teams throughout the course of the illness. Additionally, a digital assistance tool, namely the Patient Journey platform, will be developed to enhance patient involvement and facilitate collaborative decision-making.

The 17 partners met in Barcelona for the PALLIAKID project kick-off meeting

The first in-person meeting of the project took place on January 18-19, 2024, in Barcelona, marking the beginning of the work that will unfold in the coming years. SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital hosted a two-day event attended by nearly 50 experts from across Europe. During these days, the 17 partners presented the project objectives, engaged in discussions, and established its scope and extent. These sessions provided an ideal occasion to introduce the consortium and established the foundations for a highly successful collaboration.

Tuncay, Anil and Mert represented SRDC in the meeting and presented their vision on how to develop the PALLIAKID Early Identification System.

For more information about the project and access to its services, please visit the project website at and follow the social media accounts: