The Trillium-II project aims to:

  • Improve international interoperability of Health systems in Europe, the United States, and globally
  • Accelerate adoption of interoperability standards in eHealth with validated open source interoperability assets and tools sharing experiences and lessons learned among standards organizations and patient initiatives
  • Identify key use cases for secure, seamless sharing of patient summaries at personal and population levels

Trillium-II continues the efforts of Trillium Bridge to achieve progress on its recommended actions and advance adoption of the International patient summary supported by broadly and consistently implemented standards. Starting point for Trillium-II is establishing its global community fostering the practice of digital health innovation. Concrete community actions aim to bridge, harmonize, evaluate and guide existing and emerging patient summary initiatives, leading the way toward one international patient summary standard.

Our Role

SRDC roles in the project can be summarized as follows:

  • Identifying the security and privacy risks of the selected patient summaries exchange scenarios and providing guidance to the pilot implementers about realizing the required security and privacy measures
  • Participating to the piloting studies of the selected Patient Summary Exchange Scenarios
1. MedCom Denmark
2. HL7 International Foundation Belgium
3. NEN/CEN Technical Committee 251 Health Informatics Netherlands
4. IHE Belgium
5. I~HD Belgium
6. empirica Germany
7. GNOMON Informatics SA Greece
8. Reseau Phast Association France
9. SRDC Turkey
10. OFFIS Germany
11. LISPA Italy
12. THL Finland
13. eSANTE Luxembourg
14. TicSalut Spain
15. SPMS Portugal
16. ECHAlliance United Kingdom
17. Advanced Digital Innovation Ltd. United Kingdom
18. Reliant Medical Group United States
19. LANTANA Consulting Group United States
20. Healthcare Services Platform Consortium United States
21. SmartPHR United States
22. Sequoia Healtheway United States
23. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals United States