onFHIR.io, the secure and high-performance HL7 FHIR® repository developed by SRDC, was preferred as the main FHIR repository of the MIE 2018 Datathon event that was organized by HL7 International and EFMI. The Datathon took place on 23-24 April 2018 in Gothenborg, Sweden in conjunction with the Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) 2018 Conference.

The MIE 2018 DataThon used synthetic census data from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland with the double aim to offer hands-on FHIR training to participants and to validate the use of patient summaries in the health journey of asthma patients. Tens of thousands of FHIR resources have been made available for the datathon participants at the public onFHIR.io instance served at http://app.srdc.com.tr/fhir/stu3. After a session of HL7 FHIR training, multi-national teams have developed prototype apps by using the FHIR resources available at onFHIR.io and by creating new ones. The winners developed an adverse drug reaction (ADR) sniffing app for health professionals by benefiting from the VigiBase for ADR data. A dashboard specific to asthma patients and an emergency department module for review and update of patient summary are examples to further apps developed by other teams. Further information about the datathon can be found in HL7 Europe Newsletter, pages 14-18.

onFHIR.io is still available for HL7 International and will continue serving further datathon events.