POWER2DM project developed a care-management system for Type I and Type II Diabetes patients that helps them to comply with their treatment plans in between the consultations and support them and their healthcare practitioners for shared decision making and planning of next self-management period during consultations. The system consists of a self-management system (SMSS) and shared decision-making application (SDMA). The SMSS consists of a mobile application that supports patient for tracking their daily treatment plans through digital interventions and a web application that helps patient to evaluate their progress and get recommendations and interventions periodically (e.g. weekly). These applications utilize clinical decision support services provided by POWER2DM system modules (e.g. secure personal data storage, prediction and simulation services for glucose levels and risk score calculators, treatment plan compliance evaluations, just-in time intervention delivery, etc.).

POWER2DM system has been successfully evaluated with a clinical trial in the Netherlands with the coordination of Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) and in Spain with the coordination of Servicio Andaluz de Salud (SAS) with a total of 230 patients. In this pilot study, as defined in the clinical protocol, half of the patients used POWER2DM for their self-management for 9 months where POWER2DM SDMA was used in consultations for control visits. The other half, control group, took normal care for again 9 months. Comparison of results for these two populations showed that POWER2DM has significant positive effects on quality of life and health of the patients. Furthermore, it has been observed that POWER2DM care protocol is much more cost effective solution than the normal care procedure. Clinical study results will be shared with future publications.