The GITB project aims at

  • developing the required global Testing Framework, architecture and methodologies for state-of-the-art eBusiness Specifications and profiles covering all layers of the interoperability stack (organizational, semantic and technical interoperability);
  • supporting the realization of GITB as a network of multiple Test Beds, thereby leveraging existing and future testing capabilities from different stakeholders (for example standards development organizations and industry consortia, Test Bed Providers, and accreditation / certification authorities);
  • establishing under EU support and guidance, a setup of a comprehensive and global eBusiness interoperability Test Bed infrastructure in a global collaboration of European, North American and Asian partners.

In the move towards globally networked enterprises, eBusiness scenarios are to support increasingly complex interactions among a larger number of organizations from industry, governmental and public sectors. While eBusiness scenarios are implemented and adopted at a global level, interoperability has become a major concern. Consequently, organizations from private and public sectors as well as technology and software providers are engaged in cooperation for the development of vertical industry standards. However, it can be noticed that it is still cumbersome for software vendors and end-users to demonstrate full compliance with the specified standards and to achieve interoperability of the implementations. Automated conformance and interoperability testing is the remedy for this problem and experience shows that only through conformance and Interoperability Testing, correct information exchange among eBusiness implementations can be guaranteed and software implementations can be certified.

Our Role

GITB is a CEN Workshop Aggreement Project (CWA) supported by European Committee for Standardization (CEN). Currently, the workshop is in its third phase. Prof. Dr. Asuman Doğaç is the chair of the project. Furthermore, SRDC is participating to the project with two test bed experts and brings its extensive expertise and knowledge on automated conformance and interoperability testing. Our main role is to design the specifications and the architecture for GITB and to implement a open source Proof-of-concept testbed based on GITB principles and specifications.