Our Role

It was our first project supported by TUBITAK within the “Research for the benefit of SMEs (1507-KOBI ARGE Baslangıç Destek Programı)” program. A generic web based conformance and interoperability test framework is developed within the project. The framework provides an XML based test scripting language to develop conformance or interoperability test suites for any eBusiness or eGovernment standard. It also provides an engine that executes the scripts and automates the test execution. Furthermore, a web based test execution monitoring interface is provided to the vendors to test their systems remotely over the Web.

The resulting test framework, namely TestBATN, is used as a base framework, and several test suites have developed for several standards and specifications. These testing facilities have been provided to vendors, SDOs, and public bodies in a software-as-a-service manner over the TestBATN framework;

  • Conformance testing of Hospital Information System (HIS) products in Turkey based on the National Health Information System (NHIS) specifications (HL7 v3 based) published by Ministry of Health.
  • Two interoperability testing events for the interoperability testing of HIS products in Turkey
  • Conformance testing service for one of the biggest HIS vendors in Turkey for testing its compliance to IHE Radiology Domain profiles
  • Conformance testing service for UBL Specifications

Currently we are updating TestBATN to comply with Global eBusiness Interoperability Testbed (GITB) specifications and new testing suites and services will be developed for several specifications.