SALUS project that was coordinated by SRDC had its last review meeting on June 5th, 2015 and has been successfully completed with an average evaluation score of “excellent progress”. In the last year, (i) all safety analysis tools for pharmacovigilance activities and (ii) Adverse Drug Event (ADE) detection and semi-automated reporting tools that are developed within the scope of SALUS project have been deployed on huge data sources provided by SALUS end-user partners: Lombardy Region Electronic Health Record Data Warehouse containing 1 billion records of around 16 million patients, and Technical University of Dresden (TUD) Hospital Information System database containing 75 million records of around 1 million patients.
All SALUS tools have been validated by tens of end-users with different roles such as pharmacovigilance researchers, epidemiologists, data analysts, physicians, pharmacists and data safety experts. The results proved that SALUS tools have a lot of potential to improve patient safety and pharmacovigilance research within real life settings.
SRDC is proceeding with exploitation of SALUS results, which was already started before the end of the project. We are in communication with a number of national and foreign pharmacovigilance authorities, and also some big Hospital Information System vendors for large scale real life operation.