FAIR4Health, our new project in Horizon 2020 Programme has just started!

FAIR4Health is a research project funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 Research Programme under the topic “Science with and for Society SwafS-04-2018: Encouraging the re-use of research data generated by publically funded research projects”. This project is coordinated by Virgen del Rocío University Hospital of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) accounting with seventeen partners from eleven EU and non-EU countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia and Turkey). The consortium is composed by 6 health research organisations, 2 universities internationally recognised as experts in data management,…Read more

onFHIR.io is the FHIR® repository of the MIE 2018 Datathon

onFHIR.io, the secure and high-performance HL7 FHIR® repository developed by SRDC, was preferred as the main FHIR repository of the MIE 2018 Datathon event that was organized by HL7 International and EFMI. The Datathon took place on 23-24 April 2018 in Gothenborg, Sweden in conjunction with the Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) 2018 Conference. The MIE 2018 DataThon used synthetic census data from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland with the double aim to offer hands-on FHIR training to participants and to validate the use of patient summaries in the health journey of asthma patients.…Read more

PALANTE has been successfully completed!

As of July 2015, PALANTE project has been successfully completed. Within the scope of the project, the Personal Health System (PHS) developed to empower ankylosing spondylitis patients has been used by 3 healthcare professionals and 147 patients for more than 6 months in a pilot study, which has been conducted in three different hospitals in Ankara, Samsun and Kocaeli in Turkey. During the pilot study, 33 out of 147 patients communicated with healthcare professionals 36 times through the system. As a result of these communications between patients and healthcare professionals, there was no need for 29…Read more

SALUS has been concluded with success!

SALUS project that was coordinated by SRDC had its last review meeting on June 5th, 2015 and has been successfully completed with an average evaluation score of "excellent progress". In the last year, (i) all safety analysis tools for pharmacovigilance activities and (ii) Adverse Drug Event (ADE) detection and semi-automated reporting tools that are developed within the scope of SALUS project have been deployed on huge data sources provided by SALUS end-user partners: Lombardy Region Electronic Health Record Data Warehouse containing 1 billion records of around 16 million patients, and Technical University of…Read more

EMPOWER on the news!

The EMPOWER project, which is funded by European Commission in FP7 Programme and aims to support the self-management of diabetes patients through a standards-based Patient Empowerment Framework, is featured in national / local newspapers and online news sources. Here is the link to the news on Milliyet newspaper. (In Turkish.)Read more

New website is online!

Welcome to our new website. It has now been completely rebuilt with a fresh new design. It is now easier to find information on our products and services in different business areas. We present a clear and concise description of our research fields and R&D projects. Please take a moment to see how we can collaborate.Read more

EMPOWER has been successfully completed!

EMPOWER Turkish pilot application has been successfully completed with 40 patients and 5 medical professionals in Hitit University Endocrinology Clinic, Corum, Turkey. The project results have been successfully evaluated by the European Commission.Read more

EMPOWER in World Diabetes Day!

EMPOWER project has been presented in “Let’s hear diabetes from you” conference in the scope of 14 November World Diabetes Day, Hitit University Endocrinology Clinic, Corum, Turkey. Here is the Youtube link of presentation.Read more

Pickr @ Mobile Application Awards 2014

Pickr won the second place at the Mobile Application Awards held by indir.com for the first-time this year! There were more than 150 applications competing in the contest. At the end of first round, Pickr was among 15 applications that were able to make it to the final. Winners were decided by the jury of 20 professionals and Pickr was awarded with the second prize. Awards ceremony was held on May 17 at Android Developer Days taking place at METU CCC. We are thrilled with such a great recognition! Congratulations to all developers…Read more

Young Turks! SRDC contribution to epSOS Project

SRDC contribution to the epSOS Project via our open source and free National Contact Point (NCP) software implementation is published in European Hospital IT 2012 Journal. Some quotes from the article: 'The new European network for exchanging medical records between countries is proving to be robust and reliable. But, it would not be Europe if someone didn’t shake it all up,' says John Brosky. In 2011 Turkey validated its ability to connect with the Tiani NCP at Connectathon. According to Mustafa Yüksel, a lead engineer with Software Research Development & Consulting (SRDC; Ankara),…Read more

IKS @ ApacheCon Europe 2012

Jena based implementation of a iso 11179 meta data registry from Ali Anıl Sınacı Semantic Indexing and Search for Content Management Systems with Apache Stanbol from Suat GönülRead more
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